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Windows 10 Activator Free Download [2022] – Kms Activator Windows 10

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Is your Windows 10 not working properly? Are you looking forward to a perfect Windows 10 Activator? If these are the reasons you are being here, this guide is going to serve as a perfect help for you.

Today we are going to introduce you with the finest Windows activator i.e. Kms Activator Windows 10. If for any reason if you are failing to work on your Windows 10 properly, activating Windows using an activator is the perfect way to get that. Kms activator is free of tool that does not include any direct or hidden charges to pay on.

Before using Windows 10 Activator Tool, You must try using a windows 10 product key to activate your copy of windows.  🙂

What is Windows 10 activator and How do they work?

windows 10 activator

Windows 10 activator is a tool that is being designed to help you in converting your copy of Windows OS to a genuine one. Window activation is a perfect anti-piracy method that helps users in verifying each copy of Windows as a genuine one. One needs to have a twenty-five-character product key of digital license to activate their Windows and that only a Windows 10 activator can help you to do. KMS Windows 10 activator is a 100% working tool that is being used on the internet. The best thing about this tool is that it is free and does not put on any direct or hidden charges to pay on.

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Working with KMS Windows 10 activator is quite simple. It works on the principle introduced by Microsoft itself i.e. Key Management Server. It quite lengthy to activate each of the products separately and that’s why KMS server technology is being introduced in the sector. All of the computers are being connected here with a single server and are being activated simultaneously. The best thing about KMS is that it includes product keys for both Microsoft Windows and Office as well. The best thing about KMS is that it keeps on updating time to time. It means that if you are looking forward to having on lifetime activation for your Windows 10 you need to connect it with the internet at least for 180 days

KMS Windows 10 Activator

Why should you use Windows 10 Activator?

Before opting for any product or services, it is quite wise to ensure why it is going to be a perfect solution for us. We are here serving you some reasons why you need to use Windows 10 Activator Download.

  •  Windows 10 activator helps users in making their Windows genuine.
  •  It works well offline also.
  •  Users are free to enjoy here Microsoft Office Activation also.
  •  It is free of cost option for activating your Windows 10.

One doesn’t need to worry about the security terms here. It is an absolute secure option that provides you a genuine copy of Windows in just a few seconds.

Windows 10 Activator Features

If you are eager to know about Windows 10 Activator in detail, here are the top listed features that will help you in knowing about it in detail.

Genuine License :

Finding up the Genuine License for Windows 10 is one of the most common reasons why the majority of the people opted for it. Each copy of Windows requires to be genuine so that to run perfectly on any system. A little mistake can ruin one’s experience at any time. Windows 10 Pro Activator converts your Windows 10 copy to the genuine one. The only thing that you have to do here is to connect your device to the internet once in 180 days.

Versatile support :

The best thing about Windows 10 Activator is that it provides support for all of the Windows 10 editions. Users are free to activate their Windows 10 regardless of the fact whether you are using a home, education or professional edition on your device. Windows 10 Activator works simultaneously on each Windows 10 Product key regardless the fact where they are being used.

Free Download Windows 10 Activator

Ads-free access :

Annoying ads can interrupt one’s user experience ay time. Yet Windows 10 Activator is a free tool that still does not include any boring ads there. One can use and activate their Windows 10 instantly any time they want.

N-Bit Support :

Windows 10 Activator does not put on any restrictions over the architectures of your Windows. It is a perfect tool that can be effortlessly used on both 32 bit and 64-bit structures hassle-free.

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Supports offline activation :

The best thing about Windows 10 Activator is that it supports offline activation also. one doesn’t need to take the help of any WiFi or working internet connection to access it all the time. Consistent updates are being made over it so be sure to connect your device at least within 180 days to ensure proper working of it.

Office Activation Support :

Windows 10 Activator does not provide support for Windows only but it is a tool that works efficiently for activating Microsoft Office as well.

Safe Module :

Windows 10 Activator is a safe way to enjoy fast and easy activation of your Windows and Office. It is absolutely a safe platform that comes up with various filters to restrict the paths of virus or malware attacks.

Unmatched affordability :

One doesn’t need to check out the price tag as the tool is free to use on. The best thing about this tool is that it does not include any hidden charges and one doesn’t need to spend money on subscriptions also.

Download Windows 10 Activator

Excited to know how to access this wonderful Windows activation tool? If yes, here we are with the simplified downloading process for you.

  •  First of all, you need to click on Download button given below.
  • After clicking on download button, you will be redirected to a different page.
  •  You will get a Mediafire link there. You will find out the download button when it completely gets opened.
  • Click on Download button to start downloading the file.

Download Windows 10 Activator

  • Once done you will be now asked to choose the location you want to save it on.
  •  Just select the location and simply click on the Save button to start the downloading process perfectly.

Wait till the downloading process completes and once done you will be ready to proceed with the installation process.

How to Install Windows 10 Activator?

Once you have done with the downloading process, you next have to proceed with the installation process for accessing Windows 10 Activator on your device. Before proceeding further with the installation process make sure that you have disabled Windows Defender and third-party Antivirus from your device so that to run the file on your Windows effectively. If you don’t know how to disable Windows Defender, here is the simplified process for you.

  • Go to the Start Menu option of or your Windows 10 and then search for the option of Defender from here.
  •  Open up the Windows Defender Security Center and go to the Virus & Threat Protection option.
  •  Once done, now open Virus & Threat Protection Settings option to proceed further with the process.
  •  Now disable Real-Time Protection and then tap on the Yes button to confirm it.

Once you have all done with the disabling of Windows Defender next you can proceed by installing Windows 10 Activator on your device.

  •  Search for the newly downloaded KMS Activator for Windows 10 file in the Download folder of your device.
  •  Open Windows 10 Activator and tap on Run as Administrator.
  •  You will be now asked for confirmation here. Just tap on Yes to launch it as an Installer Window.

  • It will hardly take a few seconds to install Windows 10 Activator on your device.
  •  Once done, you will be free to activate your Windows and Office instantly.

Activate Windows using KMS Activator

If you already have installed KMSPICO Windows 10 Activator on your device and struggling at this moment on how to activate your Windows using KMS Activator Windows 10, here is the detailed process for you.

  •  Make sure that you have disabled Windows Defender and third-party antivirus on your device.
  • Go to the Start Menu option of your device and then go to the Recently Added apps out there.
  •  Make a click on the KMS Activator Windows 10 and once you find it tap on Run as Administrator to proceed further with the process.
  •  Make a tap on the Yes button to confirm the changes you recently have made.
  •  A new window will be open up on your device showing up some random options and Red button there.

KMS Activator Windows 10

  • Just tap on the Red button being provided there and wait for a few seconds to further.
  • Message showing Affirmative will appear on your home screen just within few seconds followed by another message showing Program Complete.
  •  Once done with the activation process of your Windows, restart your computer to ensure the changes successfully you just have made.
  •  If you are not sure, you can right-click on My Computer segment and then can open the Properties segment to check the Windows activation section. You can check the message showing Your Windows is Activated being written here as confirmation.


If anyhow you are failing to access products or services on your device, checking out some of the best alternatives for the same is don’t a bad thing to acquire on. We are here serving you some of the finest alternatives for your Windows 10 Activator for you.

Microsoft Toolkit :

windows 10 activator tool

Being developed by codyqx4, Microsoft Toolkit is one of the finest alternatives for Windows 10 Activator. The best thing about this wonderful tool is that just like KMS Windows 10 activator is also can assist you in activating your Windows and MS office for a lifetime. The tool is available both in online and offline versions and users are free to check out the one as per their choices. Microsoft Toolkit comes up in different modules that are EZ and AutoKMS. The tool comes up with upgraded functions and also ensures users better security as a comparison to its competitors in the market. IT is a secure and virus protected tool that includes a built-in product key for proceeding the activation process.

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Windows Loader :

Windows Loader is another one of the finest KMS Activator Windows 10 in the list that ensures users to have an easy activation process for their Windows 10. It is a wonderful tool that comes up in a very secure and virus protected package where one can enjoy easy access over it. If you are looking forward to permanent activating your Windows 10, this tool is just the right way to access it. The best thing about this tool is that it works effectively on all kinds of Windows. One can easily use it on Windows Vista and Windows 10 effectively as well. Windows Loader works by infusing the System Licensed Internal Code into Windows. It is a free tool that can activate your Windows both offline and in online modes as well.


Q1. Is Windows 10 Activator providing users lifetime activation?

Yes, the tool ensures users to have 100% lifetime activation for Windows. You just need to connect your device with the internet in 180 days to keep on adding consistent updates in it.

Q2. What charges do I need to pay for activating Windows through it?

Nothing. It is free to use tool that that can be easily accessed by anyone anywhere they want on a different form of Windows. The best thing about the tool is that you even don’t need to spend money on the registration also.

Q3. Is Windows 10 Activator being safe to use on?

Absolutely Yes. Windows 10 Activator 2019 provides absolute safety to your windows. The tool includes absolute virus and malware protection for your Windows.

Q4. Can I activate Windows 7 using Windows 10 Activator?

Surely Yes. The tool works perfectly on all formats of Windows without any hassle.

Q5. Does it provide N-Bit support for your Windows?

Absolutely yes. One doesn’t need to cover the storage of their device by adding different Windows Activators for different formats.


If you are facing some issues in your Windows 10, it might be a reason that your copy of Windows is not genuine. The best thing that you can do for getting rid of this issue is the installation and activation of Windows 10 Activator free download on your device. Right from explaining up the features of Windows 10 Activator tool, we also have tried to elaborate on the installation and activation process for you. Moreover, we also have added up the alternatives and mostly asked questions related to helping in the same also. I hope it will help you a lot in resolving out all of your queries related to this tool.

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